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         Test Instrument: Dimension Measurement   Electrical   Mechanical   Thermal   Chemical   Intelligent System  
         Insulating Material: Insulating Sleeve   Insulating Tape   Composite Material   Sheet & Others  
      Wellyun focuses on R&D, production and sales of full set of winding wire performance test instruments, insulating materials and other electrical products.
    2. Corona Resistance Tester WPT s
    3. Tangent Delta Tester TG series
    4. High Voltage Continuity of Cov
    5. Windability Voltage Tester WDY
    6. Automatic Springback Tester WH
    7. Automatic Scrape Tester WDG-I
    8. Winding tester WJR-I/II
    9. Thermal Cut-through Tester WRH
    10. Thermal Cut-through Tester WRH
    11. Automatic Laser Diameter Measu
    12. LED Screen
    13. Silicone Fiberglass Sleeving -
    14. Acrylic Fiberglass Sleeving –
    15. Polyurethane Fiberglass Insula
    16. Fiberglass Net Unidirectional
    17. ABOUT US
      Products are exported to South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

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    19. Wellyun attended WIRE &CABLE INDIA 2018 ...[詳細]
    20. Technical Services
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